Web design & development

Emotive design.

We want…
each design to be remarkable…
our work to stand out from the rest…
each site to have a powerful personality that engages the user.

LUA specialise in websites for the entertainment industry. We also build e-commerce, corporate sites and blogs.

All of our websites have responsive layouts and can be viewed across all devices from desktops & laptops to tablets & smart phones.

The process.

Before building a website extensive pre-planning is undertaken in consultation with our clients. Initial design proofs are supplied as jpgs. These initial proofs are developed until the client is happy with the look and layout of the new site. The website is then built on a test server so the client can see the full working site. Any further tweaks are then completed before the site is launched. Once the website is live we provide a full tutorial to help our clients use their new site.

Analytics and Webtools are set up for each new website. These tools allow the client to see vital visitor information, for instance, where visitors came from and how long they stay on the site.

As a first step (when appropriate) we compose a competitor analysis report to suggest a number of keyphrases to target within the copy of the site. This will enable us to build a site with strong SEO foundations, resulting in direct relevant traffic to the site via search engines.